Nicki Minaj is one of the best singers in the world Nicki Minaj' charity game until it reaches to all of the country's from the young to old everybody loves Nicki Minaj phone starting with her songs super base which reached number one in the top shats lets test your knowledge to see how much you know about Nicki Minaj

For starters you will need to know what is Nicki Minaj real name or where Nicki Minaj born what he or Nicki Minaj born and in one country you also need to know what is her popular song and one of the more controversial questions will be how many tattooes does Nicki Minaj have on her body and whether or not Nicki Minaj regrets having her tattoos maybe Nicki Minaj then likes to know Nicki Minaj doesn't like something you mind I know is how Nicki Minaj related to sing taylor swift and selena gomez super base song.

Nicki Minaj Quiz

Nicki Minaj He\'s one of the most popular singer in the world at this time. Do you think you know Everything about her If so dare to take this quiz